Unscape bank

A rich player's bank

Money Making GuideEdit

Making money in Unscape is easy, and you will need money to buy runes, armour, wepons, food, pots etc..

The easy way of makeing money on unscape is by killing dragons or killing shades, but to kill them you need certain things like for dragons you would need Anti-dragon shield so you are Protected by the fire breath which can deal big damage with out the shield (dmg arround 0-30 ), you can get shield from dragons or by simply asking a player for one (buying it or getting it for free). Also you will need food to kill it or you will die in the process.

You can get money also by killing Tzhaar monsters and getting wepons from them or Tokkul (not tradeable, Tokkul is the currency of the Tzhaar people).

By getting Tokkul you can buy items, such as : Toktz-Ket-xil, Tzhaar-ket-om, Obxidian Cape etc.. (and you can sell Them to other people that want them.

You can also get money by getting items from monster and seling them to the general store or selling it to other players.

Low Level - OgresEdit

Ogres inv setup

A cost-effective setup for a trip to ogres.

At level 60+, Ogres are a good monster to kill. They frequently drop rune kiteshields and rune sq shields, which can be sold to a general store for 27200gp and 19200gp. They also drop adamant kiteshield, which can be sold for roughly 3k and coins, which stack up quickly. They drop multiple sharks occasionally that can extend trips. All shields can then be sold to a general store for nice profit. Good equipment to bring is full rune and a rune scimitar, replacing with dragon if possible.

Medium Level - Green DragonsEdit

Once you hit level 100, green dragons can be killed fairly easily. You can get a decent amount of kills with a full inventory of sharks. Green dragons have a 100% drop for green dragonhide, used to make armour, and dragon bones, which you can use to train prayer or sell them to other players for a large amount of money. Green dragons also drop dragon longswords, dragon scimitars and dragon spears as well as various rune equipment, which can either be used or sold. dragon weapons are better off being sold to other players as the general stores wont give that much for them.